The following is a translation of an article from Techno Sotnya. Editor’s notes and additions are in brackets.

The militants of the “DNR”  are extremely demoralized after a battle around Svitlodarsk. As of 00:00 on December 19, 37 [DNR] terrorists were killed and another 52 – were injured during the battle. Among the dead is a large number of inexperienced mercenaries.

On social networks, defenders of the “Russian World” are writing about a loss of morale. A Russian who is a member of the Paratroopers Union of the Russian Federation, Valery Gratov, says that the occupied territories [of Donbas] are hell.

“While [DNR “Prime Minister”] Sasha Zakharchenko can’t stop boozing, we are being hammered down along the whole frontline. It’s coming down hard, and Givi has disappeared somewhere. The soldiers are demoralized… we have big losses. Confirmed: 37 people were killed and 52 – seriously injured, 5 literally torn to pieces by some unknown kind of artillery shell “(!) – He wrote.



The user with the nickname Taiga Bear writes that his brother was wounded in the battle. “They threw youngsters under the bullets, how many were killed – hard to say … there are very many 200’s [killed in combat] on our side, he says, more than 30. The kid that he was teaching was killed”, – he commented.


In the official reports of the [DNR] terrorists, there are no details of the losses. The leaders of the militants speak of Ukrainian military casualties, keeping quiet about the overloaded morgue in Yenakiieve  [the Donetsk oblast hometown of deposed Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych; the town is currently controlled by Russia and its DNR proxy] and the severely injured, who are being saved by local doctors.

In their dispatches, the separatists are threatening to get their revenge on Zakharchenko, [DNR “Deputy Defense Minister” Eduard] Basurin , and other “commanders” for their non-professionalism, lies, and murder of inexperienced mercenaries – according to Dialog.