Vladimir Milov, former Deputy Energy Minister of the Russian Federation, believes that the KGB may have started tracking Donald Trump in 1987. Milov was appointed Deputy Energy Minister in 2002, during Vladimir Putin’s first presidential term, under the premiership of Mikhail Kasyanov. He resigned in October 2002 due to frustration over the slow progress of market reforms. Milov is currently chairman of the Democratic Choice party.

Milov wrote in his Facebook page:

What a goof I am, missing a story as gorgeous as Trump’s visit to the USSR in 1987! It only came to my attention just now.

•    He was personally invited to the USSR by [the Soviet] ambassador in Washington, Dubinin;
•    The trip was organized by VAO “Intourist” (!!! for those who understand);

Intourist was the Soviet Union’s official travel agency. It was founded on the orders of Josef Stalin, and as one would expect of the organization which oversaw travel to the Soviet Union, included many NKVD/KGB agents among its staff. “.. its remit was to manage the travel arrangements of foreigners visiting the Soviet Union and to maintain surveillance.”

Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald offers the following assessment: “Both Trump and Clinton were monitored by Russian intelligence during their visits to Moscow over the years, according to American and European intelligence sources, in hopes of gathering kompromat—compromising material about a politician or public figure… The Kremlin also has both video and audio recordings of Trump in a kompromat file. Newsweek could not confirm if there is anything compromising in those recordings.”

Milov continues:

•    During the course of the trip, [Trump] was able to meet with fairly high-ranking figures – let me remind you, that in 1987… meeting with representatives of the Soviet nomenklatura was far from being a simple matter.

The story deserves an A+, even if you don’t take the Czechoslovakian wife into account.

It turns out that our comrades are carefully watching the guy for 30 years, and the folder on him surely takes up many tomes – surely, more than the one on both Clintons.

Beauties, admittedly.

If, as Milov implies, Russia’s security services maintain an extensive folder of kompromat on President-elect Donald Trump, it would help explain the Kremlin’s overt jubilance over his election. Throughout the campaign, prominent Russian political figures* promoted Trump on social media, and following the election, Kremlin-linked political analyst Sergei Markov admitted, “maybe we helped a bit with WikiLeaks.”

* The videos of neo-Nazi political philosopher/Kremlin advisor Alexander Dugin, promoting Donald Trump as the representative of “the real America,” are not to be missed (if you don’t watch them for the political insight, watch them for the hilarity factor of a Russian fascist’s misinterpretations of the American public).