Commander of the Vostok battalion, Alexander Khodakovsky, has stated in his Vkontakte page, that an individual dressed in military uniform, who recently spoke at the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada), is a former DNR militant.

The speaker, Yuri Goluban, introduced himself as a “colonel of the national police, of the Donetsk oblast. My position is that of commander of a Special Forces company, in the main directorate of the national police, in the Donetsk oblast. I’m going to speak to you in Russian – that will be easier for me.” Goluban then proceeded to make an extended statement about an alleged altercation involving MP Volodymyr Parasyuk at the Slavyansk checkpoint.

Noting Goluban’s speech, Khodakovsky wrote:

How wonderful! The colonel, speaking in broken Ukrainian, from the rostrum of the Rada, is none other than my former subordinate, who, long before the war, had left the service for well-paying work in the private sector. When things started, this person joined the rebels, and even participated in the battle in Karlivka in May 2014, against the battalion of Semen Semenchenko, when it was defeated by “Vostok,” suffering four casualties. After this battle, the colonel, who had retired as a major, suddenly disappeared, apparently realizing that there’s shooting here, and then emerged under such circumstances!!!! Well done, Yura Goluban, alias, “Dragon,” aka “Vampire,” aka – what do they call him now over there? I see that you’re still battling Semenchenko, dispersing his “brothers,” this time, in the ranks of the Ukrainian police. It’s all somehow strange. Alexander Ustimenko, who commanded the “Alpha” group  during the storm of the Trade Union house in Kiev, was not only not dismissed, but was appointed to command the Center of the Special Forces “A” of the SBU, and the person who was shooting Semenchenko’s people for the rebels’ side, now speaks from the Rada rostrum. We’ll assume that he was sent as a saboteur into the enemy camp.